Passing high intensity ultrasound in a liquid medium leads to the generation of a field or cloud of bubbles. The presence of dissolved gas nuclei or adventitious microbubbles inherently in the liquid medium is the reason behind the generation of bubble clouds under the influence of an oscillating pressure field caused by the ultrasound. These bubbles grow to a critical size and collapse violently leading to chemical reactions within the bubbles, at the bubble/solution interface and in the bulk solution, which is commonly referred to as sonochemistry. Below is a list of major projects completed/in-progress in our laboratory.

Ultrasonic encapsulation of flavour and nutrients – ARC-ITRP (Mondelez)
Ultrasonic Processing of Dairy Ingredients – ARC-ITRP (Dairy Innovation Australia)
Ultrasonic Synthesis of Protein/Polymer Microbubbles for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medicine (ARC-DP)
Sonochemical Synthesis of Polymer and Metal Nanoparticles
Probing microbial emulsions to break barriers to green oil production (ARC-DP)
Combined Sonochemical and Photocatalytic Decomposition of Chemical Pollutants