Multiple horn systems

A variety of HF transducers from 100 kHz to 2 MHz

Multifrequency system MFLG by MEINHARDT Ultrasonics, Germany (2 units)
Branson 20 kHz Sonifier, Model B-30 (4 units)

Allied Signal (ELAC Nautik) 358 kHz/1062 kHz Ultrasonic unit (Model LVG 60 A) (2 units) (4 units)

Undatim Ultrasonics 515 kHz Ultrasonic D Reactor (Model UL03/1) (3 units)

Single Bubble facility

Image Gallery

HPLC (Shimadzu – 2 units)

GC (Shimdazu)

Total Organic Carbon Analyser (Shimadzu)

Analite 2141 Surface Tension Meter

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Fluorescence microscopy

Access to various analytical platforms at UoM